Friday, January 20, 2006

Issues with skyos

I have not been able to boot any recent versions of skyos, so not much has been done. I was however, for some reason able to boot an alpha released just before beta 9, but not beta 9 itself. As a result, I noticed that the crashing problem seems to be resolved. So, as of beta 9, no more crashing. Soon I will be getting a new system that should (hopefully) be able to boot beta 9, or other recent alphas, and get going on telnet portal again. The main thing that I am going to add is the main part of the telnet client, which includes connecting to remote telnet servers. So, stay tuned :)

P.S: here is an updated screenshot, with all of the bugfixes I mentioned in the initial post. It was taken quite a while ago, and is in the skyos forums as well:

Telnet portal, showing off scaling, and misc rendering fixes.


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