Tuesday, September 27, 2005


TelnetPortal is a project to create a high quality graphical (as in GUI, not as in the absence of ASCII characters) telnet client for SkyOS. Features currently implemented are text scaling (Text size adjusts based on the size of the window, and the selected text resolution to emulate), address book, nearly full support for ANSI codes, reading an ANSI file from the hard drive and displaying it in either standard mode, or scaling mode, and finally the PROPER display of the IBM extended character set ;).

This is the most recent screen shot of TelnetPortal, taken about a month ago. A lot has changed since then, such as the extra space between each line of text being removed, the random improperly placed characters are fixed, etc. I am having some issues with crashes when some files are read from the hard drive, etc, which is why I don't have a more recent screen shot. When I get these crashes fixed, I will possibly make kind of a pre-alpha release.


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